Bitcoin Valuation: Methods and Frameworks

Bitcoin Valuation: Methods and Frameworks

Learn about the available methods and frameworks to value bitcoin.

What You’ll Learn

  • Bitcoin valuation techniques
  • Understanding of bitcoin’s value drivers
  • Understanding of how bitcoin captures value


  • A basic knowledge of bitcoin
  • An interest in what drives bitcoin’s value


Invictus Capital is a cryptocurrency fund manager and has pioneered products such as Crypto20, Hyperion and Crypto10.

The analyst team at Invictus Capital researched and developed this course using the deep technical and financial insights gained from having vetted over 600+ blockchain projects to date.

This course is designed for people who are specifically interested in Bitcoin. You could be a trader, a miner, an enthusiast or just someone who is looking to expand their knowledge of the most famous cryptocurrency.

In this course you will look at the most popular methods that are currently being used to value the Bitcoin network and how you can implement these methods.

In this course we will analyze methods you can use to:

  • Track bitcoin ATM and merchant adoption
  • Measure Bitcoin’s security
  • Measure network throughput (NVT ratio)
  • Track social sentiment (Social trends)
  • Understand HODL behaviour (UTXO analysis)

Who this course is for

  • Bitcoin enthusiasts
  • Investors
  • Traders

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