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108 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. gonzalo zapater says:

    Hi, the product i purchased said in the web” instant access” now in the download section says i must wait 24 hs? If i knew it i would buy it in other place. Can you give me the links?

  2. Eloise_Ayumi says:

    Hi I get this error message when I click the download link “The requested URL was not found on this server.” I bought the Brooke Castillo – Entrepreneurial Management.

    Thank you.

  3. Ali khan says:

    I bought a course awhile ago. When I tried to access it won’t let download it and said i need to request login. I can’t contact you guys via telegram. How do I get access to what I paid for?

  4. Ramon Tharpe says:

    I am waiting for access to the course I purchased. It’s saying I need permission to access it. I messaged the guy on messenger that I was talking to, but he’s not answering

  5. coursey says:

    Hi, I am trying to download Marie Forleo – B-School 2018 – but I am getting an error message, 404 page not found on server type message. Can you please take a look at this for me? Thank you!

  6. evbertu-0 says:

    Hello I have a problem, with the download. When I click on the link I received, I get the message that I need access. However after receiving access nothing happens. Could you pls have a look at it? Thank you in advance!

    • Allice says:

      Hi mate,
      Discount 25% – coupon: VIPMMO25 for all oder
      Discount 35% – coupon: VIPMMO35 for oder > 150$
      Discount 40% – coupon: HOLIDAYMMO40 for oder > 250$
      Discount 45% – coupon: HOLIDAYMMO45 for oder > 450$
      Thank you so much!

  7. carhacker says:

    I am waiting for access to the course I purchased. It’s saying I need permission to access it. I messaged the guy on messenger that I was talking to, but he’s not answering

  8. Bolo500 says:

    I have paid for this item 4 days ago. no Item delivered. anybody else has the same problem? what should I do? is the platform responsible for the seller’s performance?

    [Group Buy] J. Bravo – Dominate Stocks × 1 $174.97
    Subtotal: $174.97
    Payment method: PayPal Checkout
    Total: $174.97

    • Allice says:

      Please wait for me to add 24 hours. We’re still updating on your course. Be assured, if we do not have the course, we will refund you or you can change to another product.
      Thank you so much!

  9. Tom Heinrich says:

    I am interested in the course [Group Buy] SMB Collection – Foundation, Tape Reading, The Wining Trader
    $250.00 $248.00 Question: Why is there no meaningful discount on this one vs all of the other titles?

  10. Kyle Meyer says:

    Hello i please need assistance on a refund.
    I have tried to contact you many times and when i mention refund i get ignored.
    I have purchased my course over a week and i have received NOTHING.
    I only want a refund so i can move on
    Thank you

    • Aquarius says:

      Hello, the womenday coupons have expired as our International Women’s Day discount campaign is over (it started on 7th March). You can use our 30 discount coupon code: VIPMMO30.
      Thank you.

  11. maximilianojdl says:


    I’m trying to buy something and when I try to place the order it says something like ¨¨ ´´ is not a valid country code¨¨. It´s not my first buy with you guys, so I don’t know what’s happening.

  12. Monika Filarowska says:

    Hi, I still don’t get download links (I bought the product yesterday morning) and I’m worrying. I really need it asap 🙁 Could you help me?

    • Allice says:

      If you do not have an account, you just need to fill out the information and then pay via paypal. Your account will be created automatically

  13. ryker odegaard says:

    I purchased the “Aerial Video A to Z 2021 [Group Buy]” but, please be advised that it is not the 2021 version as advertised. This version fails to cover or even mention the “DJI Mini 2” drone. The DJI Mini 2 was released in November 2020. The updated versions of the course focus heavily on this popular drone model.

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