Simpler Trading – Carolyn Boroden – Precision Timing Secrets

What Will You Learn?

  • Running Fibonacci levels on the time axis
  • Measuring time between prior highs and lows to improve your trades
  • Projecting forward for changes in trend using Fibonacci time cycles
  • Reviewing examples of time analysis on stocks and Futures charts
  • Anticipating a change in trend using Fibonacci timing cycles
  • Managing your own timing cycles to use on any ticker or market your trade

Course Breakdown
Strategy Session: 7 hours and 3 minutes

  • Chapter 1: Timing Cycles and Examples in Thinkorswim
  • Chapter 2: Price Symmetry, Triggers, and More Examples
  • Chapter 3: Comparing Swings and More Examples
  • Class Preparation Videos:
    • Thinkorswim Price Tools Preparation Video
    • Using Fibonacci Tools in TradeStation
    • eSignal Fibonacci Price Tools
    • Class Prep Video
    • Dynamic Trader Class Prep
    • Dynamic Trader Class Prep Part 2

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