WIFXA – Institutional Scalping and Intraday Trading

WIFXA – Institutional Scalping and Intraday TradingWIFXA has over seven years of experience trading multiple financial instruments from currencies and spot metals to the major stock markets of the world. Over this time we have gathered and refined the knowledge needed to be consistent, profitable traders. Our courses are designed to ensure that people of all experience levels have the most smooth and complete learning experience possible.

  • Difference between scalping and mid/long-term trading
  • Introduction to price action
  • How to optimise chart layout for scalping
  • How to enter, exit and when to hold scalp trades
  • How to effectively manage risk
  • Preffered equity management techniques

All you need to do is follow my instructions, follow them religiusly and you will become a successful, profitable trader before you realise it.

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